Cacao - sweet or healthy?

You don’t have to choose anymore! Get to know high-quality, transparent, and direct trade products and see what impact natural cacao and fine, healthy chocolate have on life’s harmony.

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The most interesting products. What to watch out for.

Craft chocolate

High-quality products. Bean-to-bar chocolate.

Cacao paste

Ceremonial cacao. Superfood.

Cacao — a natural aphrodisiac and antidepressant

The substances contained in cacao will make your heart feel warmer — literally and metaphorically. It means that by sipping and tasting cacao, you have a chance to be kinder, empathetic, have better sex and live a long, mentally and physically healthy life, feel more present and motivated to action.

454 g      IN BARS

€ 52 | NOK 550

*the price changes according to the current exchange rate

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Why natural cacao?

Have you ever wondered while browsing my blog why I am so interested in natural cacao? Here is why 🙂  Initiation into the world of

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