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Chocolate Space is a real treasure trove if you are looking for chocolate-related knowledge 🙂 Here, I share my experience of the most delicious superfood on the planet, I document knowledge and publish interesting facts. I promote chocolate-based lifestyle and wish for you to join in. Learn how you can consciously use ceremonial cacao and how to select healthy and sustainable craft chocolate made with care for both the environment and the farmers who cultivate cacao plants.

Hello, this is Agata, welcome to Chocolate Space 🙂 It is a place where you can learn how to consciously use ceremonial cacao and how to enhance your health by eating craft chocolate.

I use cacao and chocolate on a daily basis. I learned about the ritual of natural cacao drinking at a cacao ceremony and since then it has been part of my everyday routine. 

I am a certified practitioner of Keith’s Cacaoone of the participants of the first Kakao School in Poland and a certified chocolate taster (Level 2 Certificate in Chocolate Tasting, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting).

Here, apart from my blog and the shop offering high-quality chocolate products you will also find :

  • reviews,
  • opinions and test results for cacao and craft chocolates that are worth giving them a try,
  • I also organize events for small groups, currently in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway.

Drinking chocolate is part of our history. This story began in Mesoamerica, where it was of great importance to the local inhabitants. It then conquered European hearts and palates. It is fascinating to what extent the rituals associated with cacao are part of our history and culture. 


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Drink cacao and plant the forest 🙂

Besides cacao, I also love being in nature. A stroll with some cacao in my flask is my favourite activity. I wish for future generations to also be able to enjoy forests. That is why I support the Forever Forests foundation (Las na Zawsze) who plant forests for future generations. Each time you spend PLN 199 on products from Chocolate Space, I make a contribution that allows them to plant 1 square metre of the forest.

This year, together we have planted

0 m2

square metres of the forest that is going to be there forever!

The “Forest Forever” Foundation has a mission to permanently and irreversibly restore the biological balance on Earth. Therefore, the Foundation representatives deal with all the paperwork, legal protection and organise events to plant forests to grow forever. The Foundation secures the land and allows the trees to start growing, but then the forest is given back to Nature, who knows how to manage it optimally.


Forests are home to many animals and plants. They are also good for us 🙂 

As humans, we are part of the natural world, and our well-being is closely linked to ecosystems. Forests store the necessary carbon dioxide. They are crucial to limit progressive climate change. And they’re essential to us so that we can live on Earth. 


How does it work?
Forests are planted on land that is legally secured to be a forest area forever. It means that trees will not be cut for economic purposes and will grow and develop naturally.


Forests are planted in a biodiverse manner, meaning that seedlings of various species of trees, shrubs, and undergrowth plants are used. This makes them resistant to environmental factors. Mostly, deciduous species are planted as they cope with drought well. Seedlings are planted twice a year with no use of biocides. The trees are distributed at a sufficient distance to allow space for natural development and growth. 


For more information, visit the “Las na Zawsze” Foundation website: https://www.lasnazawsze.org.pl



*You’ll have the opportunity to plant your piece of forest via the website 🙂 

*If you like what the Foundation does, you can become its patron on Patronite https://patronite.pl/Las-Na-Zawsze

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Agata from Chocolate Space

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