How to celebrate your time with natural cacao and real chocolate?

18 April 2021

10 minutes

You may wonder what it means to celebrate time with chocolate? It just means conscious eating in a relaxing environment. Relax, savouring the present, using all of your senses. Sounds good? Here are some tips on how to do that.  


Get ready 


Powerful celebration requires preparation 😉 It is not complicated at all, you just may want to: 


1. Procure some high-quality chocolate or cacao 

If you are not sure where to obtain good-quality chocolate, please refer to the post How to buy better chocolate – mini guide. It includes recommendations and links to my favourite chocolate shops, as well as advice on what to look for while ordering. You can order delicious cacao in our shop.


2. Make time for your ritual 

If you decide to celebrate on your own, make sure that for the next 5-10-15 minutes nothing will distract you. If you wish to experience it as a couple or within a larger group, arrange the space in the way that will make you feel good. Think about what could make your space more hyggeBeautiful light, candles, your favourite fragrance? Music or silence? Warm blanket, woolen socks and a comfy pillow, or fresh air and ground under your bare feet? 


3. Sensuous warm-up 

What is simply fantastic about celebrating with cacao and chocolate is the fact that they actually impact all our senses. This makes the whole experience deeply relaxing. Try to feel the present with all your senses. What is the colour of the cacao? What does it smell like? Take the first sip or bite and wait. Let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth. Do you feel the texture? How does it feel? Does the taste remind you of anything?


4. Go deeper

As you warm up through observation and the insight provided by your senses, you can go deeper into the experience 🙂 Here are some proven ways to do it:  



My 3 favourite rituals with chocolate 


1. A 15-minute date with myself – this is a perfect way to start the day or have a short break from work. I make myself a cup of cacao or prepare some bits of chocolate and do whatever I feel like doing at that particular moment – be it looking out the window, reading a book or writing a diary.

2. Playing the connoisseur – this works well when you do it as a couple or in a larger group. In the solo version you can pretend you are reviewing chocolate and admiring small works of art. As a couple, it is fun to do some “blind tests” and guess “what’s what”. Eating and tasting can be an adventure and can be fun if we let ourselves play with it.

3. Take a walk – chocolate and nature go wonderfully together. Pour some cacao in a thermal cup and go for a stroll! A chocolate bar will also keep you good company:)


You can also arrange a private cacao ceremony – I write about it in a separate post. 



Why are small pleasures important? 


They make us experience joy, gives us access to other positive emotions, which benefits the quality of our lives. Feeling happy and joyful makes us:

  • more optimistic and spontaneous
  • able to get more pleasure from living with ourselves
  • regenerate and feel calm 
  • improve our sense of well-being, which translates into a more effective way of coping with stress and ensures better health. 

Small joys have an impact on our perception of the world – and this influences our actions, choices, decisions and the way we shape our lives. By experiencing the pleasure of chocolate, we train ourselves in enjoying life. Even 15 minutes set aside for yourself as a daily practice will bring many positive effects.


Making time for myself is my daily practice. I would like to know what small pleasures YOU most enjoy offering yourself. Please share in the comments, I’d love to test your ideas 🙂

How to celebrate your time with natural cacao and real chocolate? 

  1. Purpose
    Through experiencing the pleasure offered by chocolate we train ourselves in savouring the joys of life.
  2. Get ready
    Procure some high-quality chocolate of cacao.
    Set aside some time for your ritual and prepare your space.
  3. During the celebration
    Do not rush, try to experience this moment with all your senses (useful questions: what is the look, smell, texture? How do you feel? Does it remind you of anything?)
    Examples of rituals:

    • 15-minute date with yourself
    • Playing the connoisseur
    • A walk
    • Private cacao ceremony

Video: Why are small pleasures so important?  [accessed on 25.01.2021]

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