Keith Wilson’s ceremonial cacao

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World-renowned ceremonial cacao, 

made to a recipe by Keith Wilson,

the modern-day Chocolate Shaman from Guatemala.


Many people who love Keith’s cacao wonder what makes them always come back to him after they try out other kinds of cacao. What do they say? 

It is simple, Keith’s Cacao is simply unique and the best.

On top of that, his cacao is sourced in an ethically sound way, in collaboration and in support for the local community. 

 Keith’s Cacao unique qualities are:


  • delicate and chocolate-rich taste
  • it makes you feel happy and relaxed
  • it improves the mood, relieves tensions, facilitates relaxation and calms you down
  • it facilitates creative work, enhances focus and concentration
  • it supports you in sports and physical activities, accelerates regeneration of the body and improves stamina
  • it enhances your motivation and provides you with energy
  • it allows you to stay focused and energized, stimulates and makes you “pulsate with life
  • it helps you to relax, facilitates stress reduction (natural antidepressant – it raises serotonin levels) 
  • it enhances our feeling of pleasure (natural aphrodisiac) 
  • it facilitates staying present, grounded and connected, opens your heart and sharpens your senses
  • ideal for ceremonial work – provides profound connection with cacao’s energy  
  • is perfect in combination with music, writing, work, art, dance, yoga, meditation and breath-related, spiritual or shamanic practices.

Keith Wilson, known as the Cacao Shaman, is well-known among cacao lovers – he greatly contributed to the re-discovery and promotion of pure cacao paste. He supports and promotes ceremonial cacao culture in Europe and the US. His online ceremonies are often attended by people from all over the world. He lives in San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala, where together with the local community he makes his cacao paste intended for ceremonial use.

You can drink Keith’s Cacao every day and use it for ceremonial work. It can be both a part of your healthy diet, and a beverage served for special occasions. 

Cacao works for everyone individually, so it’s essential to give yourself space and time to learn its properties. Depending on your needs and receptivity, it may have a subtle or more intense effect.

Keith’s Cacao has a positive impact on your brain. According to Keith Wilson, “Cacao makes your brain work as it should.”. It means that it increases blood flow to the brain by 30–40%, improves blood flow throughout the body, and enhances focus, creative thinking, creativity, gives you energy, and makes your senses more receptive.


Wholesome cacao in a full-fat paste is a unique composition of nutrients and psychoactive ingredients that provide multi-level nourishment to your body. Cacao contains over 300 different ingredients. It is plentiful in vitamins and microelements, especially magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and A, E, C, and B-group vitamins.

Cacao paste can be consumed as a drink. It is also suitable for consumption without preparation and can be used in shakes, cocktails, or simply as a snack.

Keith’s Cacao is dry and deep-chocolate, and at the same time mild and slightly sweet. Therefore even those, who are not used to the taste of natural cacao, can enjoy it. If you find natural cacao too dry, you can try a combination with natural additives or add more water. Diluted cacao will be softer.

Start with 15–20 g and don’t exceed 42 g of cacao per serving. Pay attention to the effects it has on you and take the time to find the right amount. Over time, as you feel how it affects you, you may need less to feel the effect. Listen to what your body tells you. 

These post-cacao-consuming sensations last for several hours, depending on the consumed amount. A large dose of cacao (30 g +) can work up to six hours.


You should also adjust the amount to your body size 🙂 e.g. children need less cacao than a fully grown adult. Smaller doses of 5-10g are good for daily consumption, also for children. It helps us to calm down and concentrate. Larger doses of up to 30-35g provide great support for our daily tasks, creative work and practice. A dose of 42 is a so-called ceremonial dose – you will feel this amount of cacao working for several hours and it is best consumed during a cacao ceremony.

1 cacao serving for an adult person 

  1. Use a kitchen scale to measure a cacao dose appropriate for you, e.g. 15–30 g (1 heaped spoon is about 10 g).
  2. Crush the cacao — with a knife on a chopping board, a grater, a blender.
  3. Boil water (1/2 to 1 cup depending on the texture you like — less water results in more dense chocolate, more water will give you a thinner beverage). Wait for a while until the water temperature is around 40–80°C. Do not use boiling water, and do not boil cacao. 
  4. Stir cacao in water until dissolved (use a whisk, blender, or shaker). If you give your cacao some thorough mixing with a blender, your beverage will have a uniform texture and rainbow foam 😉

Additional ingredients: If you feel like experimenting, go for natural ingredients, i.e. plan-based drinks (oat, rice, coconut, almond), coconut water, natural sweeteners such as honey, date, maple or agave syrup, spices such as chili, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, a pinch of salt. It is not recommended to combine cacao with cow’s milk.

If you drink ceremonial cacao for the first time or you want to feel its full effect, try making yourself a private cacao ceremony:


  •     take care of adequate space (no distractions, so that you can focus on the experience for at least 1 hour)
  •     try not to eat for at least 2 hrs. before cacao drinking
  •     give yourself some time 🙂 

Make sure you have no health contraindications for consuming 100% cacao paste: 

  • High-dose cacao is not recommended for people with heart and circulatory system problems, kidney problems (stones), taking psychotropic drugs and high-dose antidepressants, as well as for people allergic to cacao.
  • Cacao will slightly raise your heart rate. If increasing your heart rate may cause a health problem, drink smaller portions or consult your doctor about the dose.
  • Too large cacao dose at once can cause nausea and headache. Do not use more than 42 g of cacao for one beverage, and drink plenty of water after consuming it.
  • Do not mix cacao with alcohol or other consciousness-altering substances.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: it is recommended to use smaller amounts of cacao depending on individual needs and well-being. You should watch how your body reacts and select a particular dose. Usually, up to 25-30 g in the first two trimesters and 15-20 g in the last trimester work well. 
  • If you breastfeed, start with 15–20 g and see how your baby reacts to it.
  • Children: Use smaller doses depending on the child’s weight (5–10 g). Try giving your children cacao tailored to their taste preferences, e.g. a warm plant-based beverage and a natural sweetener.
  • Animals: Theobromine in cacao is highly poisonous to pets (dogs, cats, parrots and horses). Keep cacao out of their reach!

I also recommend watching a video about how Keith’s Cacao is made.


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“Several years ago, I drunk my first mug of real cacao based on cacao paste made by the Chocolate Shaman and that started a real chocolate revolution in my life ;). Ever since, cacao has been present in my diet and it has been with me nearly every day :). When I drink it I feel present, focused, relaxed and joyful, all at the same time :). It is the liquid version of a warm cozy blanket ❤ “
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“I tasted many cacao pastes and ceremonial cacao and … have always came back to Keith’s :). It is simply the best!”
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“Ideal both for daily use and for ceremonial work”
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“Words cannot express fully the magic of this cacao!”
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“For me it is the number 1 among cacao products! And such a cool packaging :D”
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