Why natural cacao?

4 May 2021

8 minutes

Have you ever wondered while browsing my blog why I am so interested in natural cacao? Here is why 🙂 

Initiation into the world of chocolate

Recently, I have been reminded of one of my earliest childhood memories – the melody from a commercial for a chocolate bar that was popular back in the 1990s. It is very possible that this was what actually introduced chocolate into my life 😉 Ever since, it has had a permanent position in my diet. As time went by, I came to care more about the quality and origin of what I was buying and eating. I started to discover new brands and products and learned more interesting facts. A breakthrough happened when I learned that for most of its existence, cacao has been a valued drink and not a popular sweet presented in the form of a chocolate bar. I learned the ritual of drinking natural cacao prepared from cacao paste and introduced it permanently into my daily life. Later, I discovered the world of craft chocolate and that was when tasting unique bars became my hobby.

Fascinating cacao

The fascinating worlds of cacao and chocolate originate from one source – the fruit of the cacao plant. It amazes me how many different things can be made from cacao beans – in how many ways it can be consumed, generating a plethora of experience.

Drinking chocolate is part of our history. This story began in Mesoamerica, where it was of great importance to the local inhabitants. It then conquered European hearts and palates. It is fascinating to what extent the rituals associated with cacao are part of our history and culture. Today, few people are aware that before chocolate became fast food, it was strongly associated with spirituality, the senses and exploration of the self. The story that brings humans and cacao has been very long. And an inconspicuous cacao bean may carry a powerful message.

Chocolate is important! 

Although so many people eat chocolate, a small percentage reach for the good and healthy kind. However, high-quality chocolate and chocolate products are increasingly popular and available. I do not expect everyone to switch from their favourite chocolates to products from local chocolate makers overnight. But I strongly support and cherish the trend by which we buy artisan and direct trade products. It is a good idea, and for several reasons: for health and taste, and above all, out of respect. Cacao and chocolate are the fruit of human hands. There have been many abuses in the chocolate market. Our conscious choices have a real impact on improving the situation of chocolate workers and the environment. 

I am happy to see that more and more people choose to incorporate the ritual of drinking cacao or tasting chocolate into their daily life. It is a wonderful practice. It helps to refresh our connection with the senses and to mindfully enjoy life 🙂 It is the moment when we seal ourselves off from other stimuli and focus on the present, which we experience with all our senses. Such an immersion in experience is healthy and necessary to relax from the routine and strain of everyday life. 

On top of that – it is simple and anyone can do it. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness, willingness and openness to play 🙂 Will you venture into the delicious and inspiring world of chocolate? 🙂

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